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Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System




This is a super hygienic way of disposing of nappies, the roll is made an antibacterial layer and when nappy is disposed of it locks away odour.

This product will individually wrap and seal any nappies causing an odour block, this product is extremly hygienic and will save you going to a bin each time of changing. The product is easily cleaned and comes with a roll of the anti-bacterial foil too.

This product kills 99.9% germs on contact, it has been found to be more hygienic that an ordinary nappy bag too.

The bin comes with a pre-loaded cassette.  Each cassette will hold 66 nappies and each bin will hold up to 28 nappies. So one cassette will give you approximately two bins worth of nappy storage.   You get a refill in the box as well as the pre-loaded cassette.  The bins cost 29.95 and a packet of three cassette refills cost 23.95.  To use the bin you just place the nappy in the well until it is gripped and then twist the dial to individually wrap each nappy.  This action seals the nappy into its own odour blocking multi-layer of antibacterial film.  This is great because the film is antibacterial and kills 99% of germs on contact.