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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporiser




The Vicks warm steam vaporiser maintains a constant flow of steam over a 12-14 hours period.  This helps to prevent your body loosing essential moisture.  Colds and flus can cause dehydration aswell as dry arid climatic conditions.  Respiratory illness is amplified by low humidity and central heating which is used alot during cold winter weather causes many home and offices to be too low in moisture in the air.

To alleviate the syptoms of congestion you should increase humidity by using the vicks warm steam vaporiser.

This will relp reduce the survival of the flu virus on the surface and in the air, help relieve dry irritated eyes and skin.  It will also relieve a dry and tickly throat.  It will improve breathing and aid a restful nights sleep.

  Its unique air intake design provides 25% cooler steam than other vapourisers.

We also like that is has a night light feature and has an automatic shutoff function which means you can turn ot on and forget about it.

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